Your Business May Need Equine and Livestock Insurance

April 23, 2021 by Shelby Marsh

From equine professionals to farmers and ranchers, Equine and Livestock Insurance can be a crucial resource that spells the difference between a good year and a disaster. Equine and Livestock Insurance provides several important benefits to protect your animals and your investments.

Here are some top reasons why Equine and Livestock Insurance is a necessity and not a luxury.

Protection Under a Farm or Property Policy

If you have already had a farm or property policy that protects your structures and some animals, these policies are in addition and cover horses or livestock individually or as a herd as well as related equipment. These animals are covered if they are on your insured premises, but not while they are in transit or away from your property.


Protection from Perils

Life sometimes includes negative events. It’s important to have Equine and Livestock Insurance in case of a serious emergency like a fire, smoke exposure, or an explosion. Peril insurance covers your horses or livestock due to theft, flooding, or earthquake. If your horse or one of your livestock is hit by a vehicle or if they die from a collision with the vehicle that transports them, this is also covered.

Animal Mortality Coverage

Limited animal mortality coverage can financially reimburse you for horses or livestock that die from injury. If you require broader coverage, full animal mortality coverage can financially reimburse you for animals that die from disease or age.



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