Insure Your Horse Training Services for Liability

horse trainer insurance

No matter which types or levels of horse training you specialize in, it is best to make sure that you and your training services are well-protected by several layers of Horse Liability Insurance in the event of an injury or damage to a horse in your care, to a bystander, or to the property of others. With the purchase of certain classes of horse insurance, you can rest easier knowing that you are insured and prepared for a variety of incidents specific to your business. Ark Agency is well-experienced in providing horse trainers with high quality equine liability insurance you require.

Different Layers of Horse Liability Exposure – Different Layers of Protection

A horse trainer usually has a need for more than one equine liability coverage, such as General Liability [GL], Care, Custody & Control Liability, and Equine Professional Liability.

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage to others is insured under General Liability, and is perhaps the most important coverage to have.
  • A horse you are training, that is not owned by you, can become accidentally injured, become sick, or even perish while in your care, and the owner may attempt to hold you legally and financially responsible. Because this type of occurrence is not insured under a General Liability Policy, a coverage known as Care, Custody and Control must be purchased separately or added to the GL policy by endorsement.
  • The more you know and the higher your degree of notoriety and authority, the higher will also be your exposure to and need for Professional Liability Insurance.

Fortunately, with Ark Agency, we can combine all these coverages into one policy, which usually results in more affordable premiums for horse trainer insurance when combined.

Other Horse Activities You May Have – Insure Under One Policy

Promoting and advertising your business is an exposure Ark Agency’s General Liability Policies insure. Most trainers will eventually put an owner or other trainer on a horse to coach them on how to handle, show, and work the animal. Some horse trainers teach clinics and seminars. Ark Agency can add horse riding and training instruction, coaching, and clinics to your policy. Trainers usually board the horses they train, and may board horses for others at their stables. Horse Boarding can be added to your policy. Most trainers show and compete with the horses they train, and their own horses, and this off-premises activity can also be included in your policy. We can insure most types of horse activities under one policy, so if you ever decide to expand your business, you will likely not have to secure another policy to do it.

Are Horse Training and Related Services in a High Risk Category?

The fact that trainers push the schooling of untrained or partially trained horses to a higher level, and that are owned by others, poses the greatest risk. The horse instruction and teaching component is of an equal concern. If you work with high valued horses, the risk becomes higher. But generally speaking, the Horse Trainer exposure is Moderate to Moderately High. Keep in mind that horse activities are reasonably safe compared to many other activities people participate in. Yet, horse-human activities do carry inherent risks. Accidents do happen when people at different stages of capability attempt to touch, handle, train, ride, drive and control large animals that are unpredictable even when well-trained. Each animal has a unique personality and can get along quite differently with each handler. Even with the best of management practices, anyone can have a claim made against them and be sued. And that is the reason horse trainers buy equine liability insurance.

Extra Coverage for Property

Besides liability insurance, we can also protect your investment in your training tack and equipment. And if you own a farm, ranch or stable property, we can provide a property policy for you as well.

Contact Ark Agency Specialists for More Information

To learn more about what can be included with your general equine liability insurance policy or to apply for a quote, please call Ark Agency at 1-800-328-8894 or send us an email on the contact page on this site. We will be happy to serve you.

*General information is provided on this insurance topic.  Acting on our coverage recommendations does not guarantee coverage if you have a loss or claim.

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